Our WorkSAAS portfolio is growing continuing to add more value to your business.
    With WorkContractor, WorkVerify and WorkHighway attracting significant interest we are in final stage dialogue with some Utility companies.

  Growth is anticipated in the second quarter of the Year as we introduce our Compliance system into the FM division of a multi-national Corporate.

 Recent additions to WorkSAAS suite of modules include the release of the WorkContractor, WorkVerify and WorkHighway modules to manage and monitor contractors and their sub-contractors, the services they provide and the sites they work on (Street-Road-Hospital-School etc.) with full performance auditing.

 Amendments to the 'Risk Assessment' process has been included to take account of a legal decision experienced by a client. This upgrade improves the control of both regular and hazardous tasks, provides clear understanding of the risk to operatives and reduces the liability risk for companies operating in the Property Management, Chemical, FM, Wind Farm, Railway, Local Government and Construction industries.  

 Our 'Care Alert' system has been highly praised by a leading lecturer in Health & Safety as a unique contribution to individuals’ awareness of the possible consequences of particular tasks within specific locations. As a consequence of this we have been invited to present our compliance safety management system at seminars run by this World leading University.

 The issue of managing premises, people and process compliance is increasingly coming to the fore and we find ourselves in a unique position with an integrated system which is now starting to gather a head of steam - so watch this space as we look towards the second quarter of the New Year as we start to make an impact in the UK market and also in Asia. It's Exciting!

Our dialogue goes on . . . talk to us.