Features & Benefits
  • No Capital Outlay
    NO capital outlay. PAY for what you use - use ONLY what you need. WorkSAAS is a 'Cloud' enabled system eliminating large capital outlay and replacing it with a pay as you use methodology. Use only the modules you need expanding your usage as requirements grow. Start off with any suitable module i.e. WorkForce, WorkTask or WorkIncident, mixing and matching for your need.

  • Cost Saving
    Depending on the application, WorkSAAS can reduce time to carry out compliance tasks, reduce the cost of insurance and improve operational efficiency.

  • Preserve Value of Existing Investment
    Extract and synchronise existing data from your legacy systems to go on benefiting from your previous IT investments.

  • Work Place Integration
    WorkSAAS integrates your business work processes with your business workplace. It better maps workplace risks and controls. It works for you and with you quickly resourcing those who require access to your up-to-date business workplace documentation. With instant availability of vital site documents, policies, drawings etc. in the site repository it enables you to maintain consistent policies across all sites. It provides instant access for emergency response team to site specific documents in the event of an incident.

  • Work Lite-Touch
    WorkSAAS 'lite-touch' is our developed mobalisation methodology that allows quick adoption of the system with simplified settings that gets you up and running in jig-time while you gradually back-fill your data.

  • Instant Business Reporting & Auditing with Dashboard
    High risk / cost challenges can be easily identified and solutions sought. It is quick and easy to produce reports in 'real time'. The 'Dashboard' allows senior management to identify management challenges to see what is not being done and operational management and users to see what is being done.

  • Work Force Competency
    WorkForce weightings are attributed to the employee's skill-set, qualifications and experience utilising a proprietary competency matrix ensuring work force skills match work task. It references existing trade association's passport schemes allowing crosscheck referencing, reducing duplication. These algorithms are unique to WorkSAAS.

  • Contractor Competency
    WorkForce - verifies the contract worker as well as the contractor company. It provides first party rather than third party verification for contractors reducing exposure to risk at the workplace from contractor's workforce.

  • Work Incident
    Instant access to on-line reporting to monitor, manage and investigate accidents, incidents, dangerous occurrences, environment spills and near miss management to reduce liability claims, identify areas for improvement and achieve lower insurance premiums.

  • Training
    WorkForce - identifies specific industry training courses and allows for their content summary to be included in the training matrix.

  • Dynamic Tool Box
    On-line tool box talks allow site inductions and skill upgrades to be delivered and scored at point of access reducing time lost in delivery, assessing and recording.
  • WorkTask
    Quickly manage routine and hazardous work task compliance, with risk assessments, method statements and controls from mix and match templates.

  • Engaged Work Force
    WorkSAAS goes beyond the tick box approach encouraging your people to be involved in your quality and safety procedures, ensuring genuine compliance with your policies not just lip service.

  • Environment Management
    WorkEnviron - not just lists of information to complete but a management system developed by a world renowned environmental scientist so you can determine, measure, monitor, and audit corporate targets for air, water, land, waste and community impact. Identify remedial work tasks and sustainability goals.

  • Legislitive Compliance
    Manage, monitor and demonstrate your safety and environment compliance standards.

  • Up-to-date
    WorkSAAS - is compliance assured with continuous updates of all relevant legislation for safe operation.