Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance
Dynamic - Compliant - Safe

WorkTask standardises the management of work tasks at all levels.  This reduces time and costs in managing risk assessments, method statements and the authorization of work permits. It decreases authorization hold ups and increases response time for emergency work.

Standard RAM's for regular and hazardous tasks are  used as part of the job execution and dynamically applied. The operative confirms the procedure or modifies RAM to include the specific or prevailing conditions. This standardised (templated) workflow process is easy to create (with mix and match templates) and quick to implement reducing operatives compliance time considerably.

 WorkTask  gives workers the confidence that their safety is prioritised. It puts responsibility on supervisors, work authorizers and, of course, themselves to ensure work risk has been properly assessed, quantified and the right tools, isolations, precautions and procedures are in place so that risk is mitigated and safety is covered.

Implementing WorkTask  reinforces a companies health and safety procedures and best work practices. It clearly defines what work is carried out, who does it, when and where it is done and who is responsible, ensuring a unified, 'Safe System of Work' is complied with at all levels. Administrative efforts and compliance costs are reduced as is the risk of prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act.

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