Centralised Repository: Documents - Assetts - Projects.
Information Hub

Silos of knowledge and expertise occur across the business and need to be managed to reduce expense, otherwise companies become swamped with a plethora of systems and processes. WorkPlace is the repository of compliance documentation, asset details and records related to a premise, project or business unit. Locating workplace data within a centralised hub provides a robust governance framework making strategic asset management easy to deliver

WorkSAAS  overcomes information diversification; consolidating the compliance management of all assets from one information repository; it readily allows standards and statutory regulations to be applied companywide or by business unit to accommodate regional variations in compliance criteria. It integrates and simplifies the ‘compliance management’ process, improving efficiency, adding additional service capability and compliance functionality not provided by other enterprise applications.

With centralised access to enterprise wide or site specific documents, information is harmonised across an organisation. Its document repository reduces administration time and puts 'everything to hand'. It stores details of activities carried out within each location and on each asset by work force personnel. It enables consistent policies to be adopted across all sites.

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