Functionality Integration into a Companies’ Operational Methodology.
Implementation - Mobilisation

Worklite-touch implementation methodology enables an organisation to take advantage of WorkSAAS quickly. It embeds WorkSAAS into a company’s work flow methodology at a scale and pace that will promote company-wide adoption. It maintains synergy with the existing safe system of work and the current work flow methodology. It enables progress to the full rigour of the WorkSAAS system at a pace appropriate with resources.

Worklite-touch allows the WorkSAAS system to effectively mirror any current client approval processes allowing the opportunity for the full competency rigour to be gradually rolled out while the system is in use. As a transformational methodology Worklite-touch enables companies to gain all the benefits of WorkSAAS without fear of ‘dropping the ball’ as they move from their known existing system to gain all the benefits of the new WorkSAAS system. It delivers a systematic approach to change which avoids the pitfalls and risk of ‘eating the elephant’ in one sitting. It builds confidence through what is a challenging time for any company.

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