Report, Record, Monitor, Investigate: Incidents & Accidents

Front-end Reporting to Analysis

Accidents and incidents within an organisation can cost more than money. WorkIncident combines recognised principles and compliance requirements for accident / incident management at any workplace location. It includes our unique ‘Care Alert’ to heighten task risk awareness at workforce level.  

Following an incident designated persons are enabled to inform the right people in the appropriate manner and follow through with immediate and root cause investigation. It enables KPI's to be identified with easy RIDDOR reporting when required.

WorkIncident provides the ability to record, analyse and compile data across complex, multi-layered organisations, enabling the recognition of trends and ensuring compliance with requirements. The module enables tracking, analysis and prevention of unwanted occurrences and related costs thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the incident management process.  It helps promote the development of a safer work environment improving the safety of people and processes, reducing costs and preserving business reputation.

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