Mitigate Utilities Task Risk with Localised Street Level Control.
Task Risk Mitigation

WorkHighway is a task risk mitigation tool which combines recognised principles and compliance requirements for the management of highways and byways work tasks by contractor and sub-contractors at any highways related workplace location. The emphasis of WorkHighway is to ensure that safety risk management is embedded at local operational level with a clear reduction of risk to the overall business.

WorkHighway standardises the management of utilities work tasks reducing time and costs in managing risk assessments, method statements and the authorization of work. It decreases authorization hold ups and increases response time for emergency work. Implementing WorkHighway reinforces a companies health and safety procedures and best work practices. It clearly defines what work is carried out, who does it, when and where it is done and who is responsible, ensuring a unified, 'Safe System of Work' is complied with at street level.

WorkHighway demonstrates the basis of localised management decisions reducing the risk of liability, reinforcing safety rigour at local level. It easily integrates the contractor and sub-contractors into the safe system of work and confirms that compliance is not sacrificed or unquantifiable risk introduced by using an external source to carry out work. It incorporates years of experience in Health & Safety from leading companies within the Utilities, Facilities Management, Process, Construction Industries and the Public Sector.

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