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Competency Management

Data on the workforce, both direct and sub-contractor employee competencies, licenses held and renewal dates are kept in the WorkForce module to ensure compliance competency. Competency requirements can be roll assigned to include: skill, experience, training, behaviour and fitness to work. Training courses can be assigned and scheduled. It enables consistent skills competencies to be adopted across all sites and provides instant access for emergency contact details in the event of a work related incident.

WorkSAAS is integrated; it links the management of tasks to be carried out with the competencies of the technician and the workplace environment. The system works through aligning site compliance, performance risk, and people competency information which is accessed and updated to ensure compliance with all work undertaken. The key is the management of the process in real time.

In summary, the WorkForce module will ensure legislative compliance in relation to competency thus reducing risk in operation of the business portfolio while efficiently managing the competency of the workforce, improving the safety of people and processes.

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