Monitor Compliance Performance: Organisation - Assets - People - Processes.
Compliance Assessment

WorkAudit provides the tools to monitor performance compliance across an organisation and demonstrate that compliance to regulatory authorities and service partners supporting company reputation and business needs.

WorkAudit can be configured to undertake a variety of audit functions. It is based on user created questions and inspection checklists which are scored to identify the level of compliance. Audit outcomes demonstrate compliance levels, training requirements and remedial tasks. It can provide corroboration that a particular operation is well managed and the operation is being executed competently, in compliance with relevant legislation.

The WorkAudit capability allows organisations to build generic lists of audit criteria providing, premises, asset, people, process, organisation and environmental audit functionality. Audit criteria can be tailored to specific items matching a selected type to address particular risks, locations and scheduled at required audit frequencies. WorkAudit's scoring mechanism gives a ‘compare and contrast’ capability to measure like for like, for example: premises fire risk assessment across primary schools or the service delivery performance of electrical contractors. WorkAudit is a powerful auditing, inspection and reporting solution that makes clipboards and spread sheets a thing of the past. It enables the user to efficiently manage audits and checklists across multiple locations and ensure a consistent criteria approach .

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